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About US

Sharon Trading is a Privately owned business with access to Worldwide markets. With over twenty years of industry experience, our advisors are able to better serve you.

Out team’s expertise include investment, trade portfolio management, real state and market analysis.

Our advisors allow for strategic plans tailored to your needs and will maximize your gain. As a private and independently owned company, we are able to work in your best interest.

Our expertise in real state as well as stocks, allow us to offer a more diversified investment portfolio for our clients.

Our Services

Portfolio  Management

We are able to diversify your portfolio by providing investment options in many areas;

 Real state, Mining and technology

Real state in Vancouver is booming. Such investment allow a more tangible commodity and a variation in investment option.

Variation in Stock market require expertise in analyzing and understanding the fluctuations in the market


With our vast connection in the business world, ae are able to connect you with those who can help import or export  your goods all Europe, Asia, Middle East and North America.


We like to support small smart businesses,

We are able to provide financial support for small projects/Startups. Contact an advisor to discuss your eligibility.

Marketing Consult

Our professional advisors are available to help and guide you in your investment, projects and your portfolio

Contact US

Contact US Sharon Trading   

Phone: (604) 229 3015

Fax:  (604) 229 3014

Toll Free: 1 866-937-8826 (WESTVAN)